Ideas For Ship Conversions – For Business And Pleasure

Thinking of converting a ship? While there’s many things to keep in mind in the process of ship conversion, it’s also an exciting opportunity where you can gain entryway into a new career, sport, or industry.

While it can seem daunting, it’s not a job that many do alone. There’s even whole businesses that can help with the conversion process, from planning to more literal aspects of the conversion process. If you’ve had an idea in the back of your head that you want to get started on, or even if you’re just hearing about it now as an idea that sparks your interest, it’s a good idea to learn more about ship conversion to see how it can work for you, and maybe even take your life into a completely new adventure.

Opportunities for ship conversion

Cargo ship to container ship. Converting a general cargo ship into a container ship involves adding container stowage facilities, strengthening the deck to support the weight of containers, and installing container handling equipment such as cranes or gantries.

Fishing boat to research vessel. Converting a fishing boat into a research vessel may require removing fishing equipment and installing laboratories, research equipment, and accommodations for scientists.

Passenger ship to cruise ship. Upgrading a smaller passenger ship into a luxury cruise ship can involve expanding passenger accommodations, adding entertainment facilities, and enhancing dining options.

Naval ship to museum ship. Retired naval vessels, such as aircraft carriers or battleships, are often converted into museum ships. This involves preserving the ship’s historical features and making it accessible to the public.

Oil rig to accommodation vessel. Some offshore oil rigs can be converted into accommodation vessels for housing workers. This involves renovating the rig to provide comfortable living quarters.

Sailing yacht to motor yacht. Older sailing yachts can be converted into motor yachts by removing masts, rigging, and sails and installing engines and fuel systems.